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Our Mission

Creating a better future through inspiration

Return To Roots Learning Community seeks to reimagine educational excellence by offering a nature-based, holistic approach to learning rich in academic, artistic, practical, social, and physical opportunities in an inclusive, diverse, and self-directed environment. Return To Roots is devoted to inspiring our members and bringing forth the potential that each child holds within themselves. We strive to awaken the child's sense of self and help them to find their individuality and confidence within the world.

Our Why

We started down this path 21 years ago, providing children with a safe place to go while families were at work. Over the years, and through our own personal experiences, this once simple idea grew into a very powerful voice that could not be silenced.


Our children, and grandchildren, were struggling academically, socially, and mentally. The urgency to help them pulled at us so strongly it became all consuming. This began our journey on educating ourselves on how children learn and grow best, connecting with community members, and aligning ourselves with like-minded organizations who were trailblazing this "new" approach to education.

Through this journey we realized that giving children and young people agency over their learning and autonomy over their choices allowed the needs of the WHOLE child to be met in a more holistic and authentic way. 

We also discovered that this way of learning and growing wasn't "new" at all. Infact, it's been traced back to the time of hunter gatherers. What's "new" about this approach to learning is the science we now have to back how and why play-based, self-directed, and learner-centered education is so effective. 

We realized our children didn't need a "new" way of learning and growing, we simply just needed to bring learning back to its roots, with a flair of today's advancements that didn't exist back then!

And so was born... Return To Roots Learning Community!

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