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Our Approach

Return To Roots Learning Community has a unique approach to learning that focuses on children leading their own education. We believe that children have a natural desire to learn and explore, and that by giving them the tools and resources they need, they can take ownership of their learning journey.

One of the key aspects of this approach is the development of a sense of community. Children of all ages learn and grow alongside one another, creating a supportive and collaborative environment where they can share ideas, ask questions, and challenge one another. This helps to build self-aware children who have the ability to see how their choices affect those around them.

Another important aspect of Return To Roots Learning Community's approach is the emphasis on setting and reaching goals. Children are encouraged to set their own learning goals, and are provided with the support and resources they need to achieve them. This helps to foster a sense of pride and encourages children to take an active role in their learning.

Perhaps most importantly, we focus on allowing children to dive deep into areas of interests and passions. By giving children the freedom to explore topics that they are truly interested in, they are able to develop a deep understanding of those subjects. This intrinsic desire to learn leads to a level of engagement and understanding that is difficult to achieve through traditional teaching methods.

In addition to the aspects mentioned above, Return To Roots Learning Community also believes that learning can happen anywhere, not just within the walls of a school. Members are encouraged to go out into the community and take advantage of all that is offered. This includes visiting museums, attending cultural events, and exploring nature. By doing so, members are able to gain a deeper understanding of the world around them and develop a sense of curiosity that extends beyond the classroom.

Furthermore, Return To Roots Learning Community encourages its members to be contributing members of the community. Members are encouraged to find a cause that is meaningful to them and take the steps to become active participants in that cause. This not only helps to build a sense of empathy and compassion, but also teaches members about the importance of civic engagement and social responsibility.

By emphasizing the importance of community involvement and experiential learning, Return To Roots Learning Community is able to provide its members with a well-rounded education that extends far beyond the traditional classroom. Members are able to develop a deep understanding of the world around them, while also learning about the importance of contributing to society in a meaningful way.

Overall, Return To Roots Learning Community's approach to learning is designed to empower children to take ownership of their education, develop a sense of community, set and achieve goals, and explore areas of interest and passion. This approach leads to self-aware, engaged, and deeply knowledgeable children who are well-prepared for the challenges of the future.

Curriculums We Utilize

Return To Roots Learning Community develops most of the learning opportunities, provocations, and courses that are offered, but we do utilize other curriculum sources at times to expand on our own offerings. 

Some of the curriculums we use are:

  • Wild Math

  • Wild Reading

  • Construct

  • Written Outloud 

  • Goose on the Loose - Our own Social Studies curriculum

  • TimberNook - We are proud to be a TimberNook Certified school!

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