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Our Approach

At Back To Roots, we honor the time and space each child requires to grow and learn in their own unique way. We value play, tinkering, inquisitiveness, and diving deep into passions. 

Children are never forced to conform to an agenda we have laid out for them, but instead become the creators of their own agenda. Through intent full observation and conversation, we gain a deep understanding of each child and what their interests are. From there, we provide them with opportunities to dive deeper into those areas of interest, allowing them to learn and grow in an authentic and self-driven way. 

This approach to learning is woven into all of our programs, from our youngest members to our oldest. We believe allowing children to have autonomy over their choices, and agency over their learning develops intrinsic motivation, which in turn instills a love for life- long learning.

Curriculums We Utilize

Back To Roots Learning Community develops most of the learning opportunities, provocations, and courses that are offered, but we do utilize other curriculum sources at times to expand on our own offerings. 

Some of the curriculums we use are:

  • Wild Math

  • Wild Reading

  • Construct

  • Written Outloud 

  • Goose on the Loose - Our own Social Studies curriculum

  • TimberNook - We are proud to be a TimberNook Certified school!

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